You can finish 2018 strong, because God is not finish yet. He has some stuff lined up for you in the 4th quarter! "Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these he also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified." Romans 8:30 @_sean2189 @wjthompson1 #wcw18 #dontquit #allroadsleadtovegas #strongfinish #finishstrong #instavideo
Colorful #RetroNight for 70th Annual Western Canada Water Conference #WCW18 last night @deltahotelswinnipeg 🕺🏼🌼🎮 #Winnipeg #WinnipegEvents #YWG #Manitoba #Canada #ThemeParty #ThemedEvent #SpecialEvent #Retro #1950s #1960s #1980s #FlowerPower #Colorful #TimeTravel #EventDecor #EventDecorator #EventRentals #EventDesign
How do you find joy?
That was the question those who entered the #Worldchildlessweek competition answered to win a copy of my book, Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness.
Choosing the winner was incredibly difficult, there were many really positive answers but I chose these because I really hope the book will help them. One paperback is in the post & a Kindle copy has already been delivered.
And it seems I chose well, as these are the replies I received from the winners… “Thanks so much. It means a great deal to me. Reading it in person will help me with my healing.” “Thank you so much for reaching out and your kind words. I am struggling with it all right now. I would love to read your book.” I do what I do because I want to make a difference so these words warmed my heart & of course also brought me joy.
So how do YOU find joy?
Following on from last week's #Worldchildlessweek I was interviewed by @fertilitypoddy & we discussed how I found my 'true colours' after doing my grief work. Natalie also interviews Dr Lois Tonkin about her new book
You can listen at https://www.thefertilitypodcast.com/acceptance/
In Finding Joy myself and other storytellers describe how helpful it has been to tell our story and send it out into the world.
In my latest blog (link in bio) I write more about this.
Writing has encouraged me to be more open and vulnerable, to write things I’ve never previously voiced out loud, all of which has taken my healing to a deeper level. I’ve learned an incredible amount from the storytellers and digging into each chapter encouraged me to question what I’m doing and why.
Of course I’ve wobbled, especially just before publication. For a while the voice in my head was shouting ‘what will people think’ so loudly that I almost cancelled everything. Then, after a few deep breaths, I got in touch with my why and calmed down; telling myself that whatever happened it would be Ok.
And it has been. Sending my story out into the world has put what happened in its place in the past, so my losses are no longer holding me back from living my best life.
Hello I’m Lesley Pyne, I’m childless.
I am courage,
I am peace,
I am joy.
I am me.
I am also a wife, a good friend, a published author (woo hoo), a yin yogi (another woo hoo), determined, fun, warm, persistent, committed, inspiring, nurturing, strong, kind, curious and much, much more.
I will always be childless, in the same way that I will always be an only child who has lost both parents.
But because of the work I’ve done, I can confidently say that all of these have shaped me, but none of them define me.
I’m Lesley Pyne, I’m childless.
In my latest blog (link in bio) can read 4 things i've done & why I chose courage, peace & joy.
I am worthy.

In solidarity with those who didn't get to choose.

I created this image for #WorldChildlessWeek which starts today #IAmMe.
Proudly sharing this image and the wording with the world means a lot to me. If you’d asked me a couple of years ago whether I’d be happy to do so, I’d have thought you were bonkers. But now, it’s ok.
I love to see how happy and joyful I look, and how comfortable I am in my own skin.
I chose Courage because it’s one of my values & many friends say they admire it in me. I guess the bottom line is these past couple of years I’ve stepped up and owned all of my story and shared it with the world. There were times when this took all the courage I could muster and others taking the next step was the logical thing to do.
I chose peace because I feel peaceful all the time now. The work I’ve done in therapy and yoga has delivered me to a place of deep peace both inside and out.
And I had to choose joy, (it’s in the title of my book after all), and more than that can’t you tell I’ve definitely found it? In Finding Joy I describe six ways to find it and for me, the most important is to look. And guess what I’ve discovered? It’s everywhere. And I mean everywhere, especially in small moments. I promise you, once you start to look; you’ll find it everywhere too.
On my new blog (link in bio) I write about more about what brought me to here.
Photo taken by @henrietta_photography
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#letstakewomenscricketforward #whowillitbe #howgoodisthat #wcw18 #windieswomen #southafricawomen #homesupport #comeonout #cricket # #letsgoladies #thereasontheyplay #givingback #customersfirst #barbados #🇧🇧
Today's message from the Universe. Yes I am & yes you are. Always remember this.
Yesterday I had my final (for now anyway..) session with my therapist.
I really didn't want to start seeing a therapist but I know I wouldn't be where I am now & more importantly WHO I am now, without her support. Also I wouldn't have written Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness without her.
Working with her has been hard AND also a lot of fun. Having a safe space where I can be me, where I can laugh & cry without being judged has been vital to my healing.
Normalising what I'm going through has also been key. Many times I was relieved to know that it wasn't 'just me.'
When I started I was stuffing everything I didn't want to feel into a box. And now I'm happy to show my feelings. I've also found the grounding which I lost after Mum & Dad died.
These days I've definitely found my joy & feel very comfortable in my own skin.
She's been the catalyst to making other changes & encouraged me to try new things (eg yoga) & re-discover others I used to love, eg sewing.
I made her this felt lavender house because above all she's helped me to come home, to me.
My advice, if you're reading this & struggling with grief (whether it's for childlessness, or another loss) is to seek out the support & help which will get you to the other side.
Does motherhood make you happy?
I’m guessing you believe the answer is yes, especially as you tried so hard to be a mother.
Like many of us, Jessica Hepburn wondered if the grass is greener and in her latest book ’21 Miles, Swimming in search of the meaning of motherhood’ she seeks to answer the question by interviewing 21 women, some of whom are mothers and some not.
At the same time we follow Jessica’s bid to swim the English Channel which, as she says is ‘no easy feat for someone with an aversion to exercise who couldn’t swim very well.’ I really enjoyed 21 Miles. & you can read more of my thought in my blog (link in bio)
#worldchildlessweek Finding Acceptance & Moving Forward
Our grief will lessen and we will find new dreams. It doesn't mean that we will forget our desire to have been a parent, but it does mean our life can have new perspectives. We can reflect on how we have Moved Forward since last year’s World Childless Week. What changes we have made in our life and hear from those who have found acceptance and embraced their Plan B.
If you would like to make a submission, suggest an idea or ask for more details, please get in touch https://worldchildlessweek.net/events/160918-finding-acceptance-and-moving-forward
(All submissions can be anonymous or fully accredited)
You might guess that this is the day I'm most looking forward to,. I'm proud to be a WCW Champion
#worldchildlessweek We Are Worthy
Self doubt is a hard thing to shake and we can all be our own worse critics. Life can be full of many reasons to doubt our worth but despite our own judgements on our childlessness "we are ALL worthy".
If you would like to make a submission, suggest an idea or ask for more details, please get in touch https://worldchildlessweek.net/events/140918-we-are-worthy
(All submissions can be anonymous or fully accredited)
#worldchildlessweek - we start the week with Facts & Figures - Our Stories
To quote Steph the WCW organiser
Last year on the second day of World Childless Week nine people shared their stories of why they were childless not by choice. My mother said she was surprised there were so many different ways to be childless. I was shocked. If my own mother didn’t realise nine ways to be childless was just a drop in the ocean, then we need to continue to tell our stories and educate the world.
If you would like to share your story or ask for more details, please get in touch.
(All stories can be anonymous or fully accredited)
I'm proud to be a WCW Champion
#Worldchildlessweek Men Matter Too
Men do not talk so openly or share their emotions so readily about being childless; they are often the unseen and unheard halves of our story. Today we are going to focus on men and their words because they matter too.
If you would like to make a submission, suggest an idea or ask for more details, please get in touch
(All submissions can be anonymous or fully accredited)
Look out for the release of the Men's Room, a unique conversation between Robin Hadley and Michael Hughes, two of our Champions.
I'm proud to be a WCW champion
Here’s @drshelmd and her patients’ experience with #BTLEmsella
Ask your local specialist: http://bit.ly/EmsellaProvider
#WCW18 #BTL #BTLAesthetics #Incontinence #WomensHealth #PelvicSuite #SUITreatment #Kegels #ExercisePelvicFloorMuscles #PelvicFloor #BTL experience
#newengland #upstateny #urogynecology #urology #gynecology
#worldchildlessweek Childlessness and The Arts
The written word can be strong but sometimes a single image can express a thousand emotions. Today we explore all forms of art. If you are a photographer, poet, painter, sculptor, actor, dancer, musician or creative in any way this day is for you.
If you would like to share your creative work, suggest an idea or ask for more details, please get in touch
(All work can be anonymous or fully accredited)
I'm proud to be a WCW champion
#worldchildlessweek write a letter to your unborn child or children and share with us your hopes and dreams. Letters can be anon or named. Share your story and educate the world.
Find out how https://worldchildlessweek.net/events/110918-letters-from-our-hearts
I'm proud to be a WCW Champion
The issue of my skin tone, physique and stature was something that was always teased, criticized and compared against...Too much, too this, too that. In the same breath, I also got tired of everyone else seeing something that I wasn’t ready to fully accept...Me.
Preparing for WCW felt like I had to go through some mental sheds that I thought I had already conquered. So I reached out for help and set on a journey to help discover and uncover what I suppressed for years for the satisfaction for not disrupting other’s comfort.
I’m still on the journey that I believe will continually evolve but I fully embrace the work it will take to become. Who would have thought I would be in a career that pushes me to unleash every aspect of my personal life to transform the world.
#wcw18 #ifeelpretty #worldchangingwomen #readyformynext Night One
White Peplum- designed and created by @davidwilford
Sequin Top-Target (borrowed from a friend)
Styled by- @totallytot3
Makeup by- @arielstringfellow_
Night Two
African Kimono- created by @dielladesigns
White Dress- my closet
Styled by- @totallytot3
Makeup by- @arielstringfellow_
Had our last tribe meeting for this session last night and I am so blessed and grateful to have known each and every one of these women. Tonight we closed out talking about fear. We talked about the Israelites and their journey to the promise land, how God was not trying to change what they saw, but HOW they saw, shifting from a perspective of fear to faith. We talked about how we get caught up in our actions the same way. We believe in faith for others, but fail to do so for ourselves. •

With our leading lady of the house @kamilahstevenson preaching about how we are women of resource at our “#WCW18” conference we went around and did an activity to reinforce a “see with faith, act with faith” mentality and break us out of stagnation.

We each shared our vision/dreams God has given us on how we want to impact the world, shared some of our deepest fears that keep us from pursuing it, realized how silly our worst case scenarios were when we said them out loud, and each put a practical step to how we can and will progress towards these dreams in the next month.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by a group of women that are so hungry for purpose and the future. Women that want to make a lasting impact and influence this world for Christ, leaving it better than they came. It’s been a joy journeying with each of you and leading with you Natasha for this season. At @allnationschi no one does life alone!!
Count down to #WCW18

This time,we're going to WORSHIP God!! Yes! Back to Back worship.
Come, join us THANK GOD for His Mercies and favors.

See poster for details.

The Standpoint @10 #consistency in #empowering #women #Hope #Help #Healing #Anticipate #Worship #Praises #joy #accra #ghana.
Today is my last day as a 33 yr. old woman! OMG!!!!! It’s my birthday eve!!!! 🎉 As I wrap my brain around God’s goodness towards me I want to recap last week’s life changing event!!!! I had the amazing opportunity to present at @allnationschi’s World CHANGING Women’s conference! 😱 This church has changed my life so it was pretty mind blowing to take stage in this powerful place!!!!!!! 🤸🏾‍♀️ I took the “Slay Stage” with the amazing @amberchereau who gave tips on slaying in the kitchen, the amazing @dwilford who gave tips on slaying beauty and makeup, and I of course gave tips on slaying in style and fashion!!!!! My GOD!!!!!!! The next couple of posts I’ll share some clips and pics from the dynamic weekend! I feel REFRESHED and excited for the future!!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕 My signature intro is ALWAYS affirmations! They calm me down from stage fright and include my audience! Here we go.......... #TotTalks #ANWA #ThisIsMyMoment #WorldChangingWomen #WorldChangingWoman #wcw18
***Caption This***
Never in a million years would I have thought I would be the person that I see today. ~She’s better than she was yesterday
~Wiser than she was last week
~More sober than she was a month ago
I am NOT the girl that I used to be but I’m in love with the WOMAN I’m becoming.
I am a #worldchanger
Most important I’m A WORLDCHANGING WOMAN 😜😎😘
#worldchangingwomen2018 #wcw18
No longer afraid of my greatness. Unable to shrink the power of my purpose to fit in. Divorcing the memories designed to keep me stuck in the past. Even in difficult times, standing strong and moving forward with the little and big that I may have. Embracing my power as a woman of resource and warfare. Trusting, loving, and obeying God in the pursuit of the Lord's will for my life. Unapologetically faithful and committed to the instructions of God's call on my life. Standing in faith AND action as it pertains to every single word and promise that has been spoken over my life. Determined to show God's glory on earth and make his name famous. Breaking barriers, doing the unconventional, stepping out as the FIRST, blazing the trail for others to follow to their freedom. Sharing my story...the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Showing the world that a submitted life in Christ is absolutely worth all that it takes to maintain it in spirit and in truth. Retrieving everything and everyone connected to me that the enemy planned to corrupt, steal, kill, and destroy. I am a fearless warrior. I am all that God formed me to be. I am quickly approaching my destiny and all will know that it was God and God alone. I am a vessel, I am available, I am unstoppable. I am a World Changing Woman. This week has utterly and literally changed my entire life. I will never be the same and I am so excited to embrace every coming thing that God has for my life and help the next one see it too. #iamaworldchangingwoman #askmeaboutJesus #youcantoo #openbook #createdtoworship #wcw18 #onpurpose #anwa #thisisyourmoment #tothefuture #theDecidedLife
So many reasons why I love this photo-other than my crying 😭 😭😭😭😭 Spiritual parents!
Mom @kamilahstevenson giving the word of the Lord about my books, my land, my wealth, my heart. 🌎
Dad @dr.matthewstevenson in FULL agreement. 💪🏾 Spiritual Family!👑
The apostolic women in the pulpit were just as happy as I was. @phinekafriend And @yolandastith and I shouted until we hit the floor in worship to the King! @msinsmith @kimmi_hart @drjaquetdumas @cristabelclack I enjoyed you ALL so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #wewin #WCW18 #sisters #ANWAwomen #ANWAforever
I am a woman of RESOURCE. My MIND is a tool used by God to execute purpose. I do not hold on to pain. I FORGET about the things of before and I press forward. I am part of the tribe L.E.V.E.L.U.P.
TO THE FUTURE AND BEYOND. My future is being spoken to. I AM A WORLD CHANGER, LOVED AND FATHERED BY GOD #anwachi #tothefutureandbeyond #wcw18 #tothefuture #unbothered #wewillneversettlefornormal #nosecretsuccess #womanofresource #anwatribe #anwatransformed #affirmed #grantedaccess #worldchangingwoman
Prophetess Kiva Alexander @kivashantell !!! #affirmed #wcw18
Elder Dr. Jilliam Joe @jilliam_joe !!!! #affirmed #wcw18
This weekend reminded me that it was Prophesied to me yearsssss ago that I would merge the beauty industry with the Kingdom of God! It’s happening!!!! It doesn’t matter how saturated the market is. If God’s called you to it, your gift will make room for you!!! I am a #worldchangingwoman #womanofresource #wcw18 #innovator #charity #enterprise #slayandpray
After this weekend ...I'm sure •

He's my rock !

#wcw18 #thisismymoment
It’s the second year I’ve spent my birthday weekend with @allnationschi doing what I love with the people I love.
#WorldChangingWomen was AMAZING! God showed up in such a beautiful way! Thank you Apostles @dr.matthewstevenson and @kamilahstevenson for having me! #WCW18 #CristabelClack
Screaming from Chicago all the way to the UK...Happy Birthday to my sister from another mister @full_armour. I bless God for your life and am so grateful that he went to such great extents just to connect us. You are my sister for life and I'm so excited to share the future with you. 👑 Enjoy your special day! You are a #wcw18 #WorldChangingWoman
I AM A WORLD CHANGING WOMAN!!! These last three days have given new perspective and confirmation about the woman I am becoming!! I’m excited about the future!! #thisismymoment #thisisyourmoment #wcw18 #worldchangingwomen
This weekend was the weekend that EVERYTHING changed! God had his way and He gets ALL the glory! This weekend was everything I needed and what I didn’t know I needed. My Chocolate makes so many things possible for me and I’m forever grateful for his pour into my life and our household! Now it’s time to get home to my Husbae so we can WORSHIPPPPP! #WCW18
#wcw18 #itsmytimetorise @kamilahstevenson handed me my entire life!!
WOW!! Today Apostle Kamilah....life changing!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾#Iamawomenofresource #warfare #gettowork #responsibility #wcw18
World Changing Women Conference
Becoming A Resourceful Woman
Dr. Kamilah Stevenson
Saturday, July 28, 2018

2 Kings 4:1-7 (NIV)

Sometimes we are so focused on the miracle, that we loose sight on the circumstances!! The anointing is different from stewardship!!! Husband was anointed but broke!!! Miracles are for the moment and not for a lifestyle!! Miracles cannot produce sustainable resources!!! Take what you gained from that miracle,
You can’t be an abundant woman under a generational curses!! Generational lack starts with a circumstance!! Instead of overcoming, you learn to manage and survive!

Poverty is a serious issue!!! You are meant to be the lender, not a borrower!!! Change your mentality!!! Barriers of the Mentality
1. Mentality towards debt!! Proverbs 22:7
Psalms 37:2

You can’t help nobody when you are in debt!!! When you are in debt, you are in slave!!! PAY YOUR DEBT!!!! 2. Mismanagement
In order to become a woman of resource, you have to become better than you are today!! How much are you worth and why aren’t you worth more??? Proverbs 31: 31

Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

Become a Woman of Warfare!! 3. Entitlement
4. Victimization
There is a way to get resources!!! Get yourself in order!!! It is time to arise in warfare!!! You cannot become a woman of resource if you do not become a woman of warfare!!! Judges 5:6

When you arise, the warfare increases!!! When you arise, you allow God to arise!!! When God arise, your enemies scatter!!! When your enemies scatter, they drop all their stuff (spoils)!!! Proverbs 31:10-31

What separates the Proverbs from others, she was a woman of WAR!!! SHE WORKS!!!!! Study Successful People: Solomon (riches man in the Bible)

Go for the spoils!!!!! The anointing is not enough to deal life issues!! We are anointed to WORK!!! Know that time and season you are in!!! God gives us the power to get wealth!!!! Go get it!!!! You can plan to be generous!!! Learn to be generous!!!! Ask for the gift of generosity!!! #worldchangingwomen #wcw18 #thedaywheneverythingchanges
“I am a woman of resource!” Dr. Kamilah Stevenson #wcw18 #thisisyourmoment #ourseniorapostle
Someone prophesied that dance won't be all I do , twas truth ! •

Cause God said so ! •

#worldchanger #wcw #doctor #creativetherapy #worldchangingwoman #mentalhealth #healing #freeyourmind #forgetitgirl #wcw18 #thisismymoment
World Changing Women's Conference 💪🏽 #wcw18 #girlforgetit #anwaserviceselfie
#ServiceSelfie with these beautiful world changing women! Grateful for them both! 💕 #LoveThem

#WCW18 #TheProphetesses #WorldChangingWomen #ConferenceWeekend #Women #Purpose #Identity #Peace #Destiny #Forward #ToTheFuture #FutureMinded
I am a World Changing Women
And this is my moment!!!! #Wcw18 @allnationschi
To the future🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
#ServiceSelfie #ANWAChicago #WorldChangingWomen #WCW18
She has and is still changing our world! Co-pastor Susie C Owens! #WCW18.
Yes both in my pink suits AND my ripped jeans, tattoos, blonde hair and all my piercings, (like my prop says) I am a world changing woman. #ToTheFuture #wcw18 #worldchangingwoman
YESSSSSSS!!!!! Business Showers!!!!! #worldchangingwomen #wcw18 #businessshowers #enterprises #franchises #bossup #levelup 🙌🏾💖👑
World Changing Women SLAY stage was EVERYTHING!!!! Chef @amberchereau of @theemessykitchen; style and fashion blogger @totallytot3 & makeup artist and hairstylist, @dwilford.ybg are #blackgirlmagic 💖🙌🏾💖. Dr. @jilliam_joe founder of @shereads_shewrites was thee best MC ever!!!!! #worldchangingwomen #wcw18 #slaystage
The World Changing Women Conference VIP session with Mega Franchise Owner, Dr. Valerie Daniels - Carter was beyond awesome!!!! Dr. Carter owns 132 restaurants (Burger King, Pizza Hut, Haagen Dazs, Coffee Beanery, Auntie Annie, etc); is one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team; Chairperson of AAA; an Evangelist, the Minister of Music at her church & an Author!!! She’s a BOSS!!! #worldchangingwomen #wcw18 #shesaboss #enterprises #franchises #yourbusinessIShisbusiness http://www.danielslegacy.com/vdc/4/Your_Business_is_His_Business.html
I had an amazing time leading worship this morning at #WCW18 #WorldChangingWomen #Surrounded #CristabelClack
My Apostle PREACHED me into a different place!! #wcw18 @allnationschi
#23 Days until we say I DO! #WCW18 @mrsandmrs__ @tangled_web 😘😘😘
World Changing Women,

It's time for you to reveal yourself to a world who needs you! There's something God is brewing on the inside of you called Greatness & God is ready to free, unlock, & unleash His Daughters and shoot them into the future!

Meet me THERE & visit the vendor area to purchase your copy of "Raw Wounds" a Raw & chilling account of my deliverance from sexual promiscuity, lust, & perversion.
When I tell you I am excited about this conference!!! We have a lot planned for you and we already experiencing the power of having women of God pushed in to purpose! World Changing Women!!!
July 26-28
All Nations Worship Assembly Chicago.
Schedule & Hotel info for our of town guests on the website! #wcw #wcw18 #iamaworldchangingwoman #itisalreadychangingme
Важные рекомендации женщинам, страдающим недержанием мочи:
💥Пейте достаточно жидкости (2 литра в день)
💥Ограничьте потребление веществ, раздражающих мочевой пузырь, таких как кофеин, алкоголь и газированные напитки.
💥Не ходите в туалет «на всякий случай», а только когда это действительно необходимо.
💥Выполняйте упражнения для укрепления мышц тазового дна (проконсультируйтесь со специалистом)
💥Учитесь контролировать мышцы тазового дна, когда выполняете действия, которые могут привести к подтеканию.
#worldcontinenceweek #wcw18 #stressincontinenece #aestheticgynecology #asetkadyrova #гинеколог_москва #недержаниемочи_асет #женское_здоровье #гинекология #докторасет #prp #hyaloronicacid #плазмолифтинг #гиалуроноваякислота #цистит #кегель
#worldcontinenceweek -международная неделя повышение осведомленности женщин о проблемах недержания мочи.
✅Недержание мочи – это непроизвольное подтекание мочи из мочеиспускательного канала. Оно является одним из самых распространенных заболеваний у женщин.
💊около 40% женщин сталкиваются с подобной проблемой в своей жизни.
💊Каждая третья женщина когда-либо сталкивается с проблемами недержания мочи.
💊400 миллионов человек в мире хоть единожды обращались с данном проблемой к врачу. Вдумайтесь в эти цифры!🤦🏼‍♀️
✅Статистика совершенно не отражает истинной картины распространенности этой проблемы, потому что стеснительность женщин и их отношение к недержанию как к признаку приближающейся старости приводят к тому, что они чаще умолачивают о данном факте.
#недержаниемочи — не только проблема пожилых женщин, о чем почему-то очень мало говорят. К сожалению, это явление, с которым может столкнуться и девочка-подросток, и молодая мать, и женщина задолго до наступления климакса.
💯При появлении первых признаков недержания можно и нужно немедленно обратиться к врачу — потому что чем раньше женщина получит помощь, тем проще будет расстаться с этой проблемой.
Современная эстетическая гинекология великолепно корректирует проявления недержания мочи с помощью #PRP #plasmolifting #гиалуроноваякислота
#stressincontinenece #oshot #aestheticgynecology #asetkadyrova #гинеколог_москва #недержаниемочи_асет #женское_здоровье #гинекология #докторасет #wcw18 #цистит
We have over 10 years' experience👩🏽‍⚕️providing #PelvicHealth support and we aren't stopping yet! Sign up to our newsletter📝via Kegel8.co.uk/newsletter to keep updated with our fight for better #PelvicHealth support #TogetherWeWillBeStronger #WCW18 @pelvicroar
As World Continenece Week draws to an end we're urging people to keep on talking! It is so surprising that a medical condition that effects 1 in 3 women is so rarely talked about and that treatment options are relatively unknown, specifically energy based treatments such as Geneveve. If you want to know more there is plenty of info on our website or we're happy to answer any questions. ⠀

In their latest blog @viveve_medical have put together the top three ways we talk about urinary incontinence. Link in bio. ⠀

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Interstitial cystitis, bladder spasms, painful bladder syndrome, Hunner's ulcers - there are many types of bladder pain which can go hand in hand with incontinence. Do not suffer in silence. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help.
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“What it does is it kind of takes the place of doing Kegels <...> And the chair does it for you. And it works miracles it’s wonderful”. - #RealPatientsRealTestimonials #BTLEmsella Ask your local specialist: http://bit.ly/EmsellaProvider
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Our electronic toners use #NeuromuscularElectricalStimulation to activate 90% of your pelvic floor muscles (vs. 40% if doing kegel exercises manual) #WCW18 #pelvicroar @GussetGrippers @physiomumuk @squeezyapp @pelvicroar
There’s no shame in living openly and Wyper Dyper’s Pant Style diapers will accompany you in doing so! You can tolerate this condition in various other ways too, comment below if you know of any and educate the masses this #wcw18 #wyperdyper
“It’s normal to leak. It’s just a part of getting older.” It is our mission to break the misconceptions of #incontinence. As older people can benefit from regular exercise, incontinence can often be FULLY treated with proper exercise as well. As more and more of us are taking care of older parents, we cannot ignore the fact that they may be dealing with these issues. Issues of incontinence can be too overwhelming for caregivers to deal with. Or people may suffer from issues such as falls and fractures from rushing the the bathroom.l. Let’s keep our elderly at home longer and help keep them in control of their bowel and bladder issues. #incontinence #wcw18 #markham #yorkregion #richmondhill #stouffville #scarborough #elderly #gettingold #agingwithgrace
We see this daily. #incontinence can play a huge factor in someone’s #qualityoflife. People don’t want to go out too far, laugh too hard with friends, or even be intimate with their partner. It can be a huge burden. Helping someone enjoy their lives again is so rewarding. This is why was ❤️what we do. #wcw18 #incontinence #worldcontinenceweek #markham #stouffville #scarborough #pelvichealth #yorkregion
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#ThrowbackThursday to @drshelmd and her patients’ experience with #BTLEmsella
Ask your local specialist: http://bit.ly/EmsellaProvider
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World Continence Week continues- here are some top tips for dealing with and preventing incontinence.

1. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluid - around 2 litres per day. Don’t hold back and try to limit your trips to the loo, your bladder needs to learn what full fees like.
2. Take care about what you drink. Be aware of irritants and diuretics like caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
3. Don’t go to the loo “just in case!” Learn the difference between when you could go and should go.
4. Spend time on your pelvic floor exercises and be mindful that the quality of your exercise is more important than quantity... squeeze and lift! Consult a women’s health physio to assess your pelvic floor!
5. Learn to engage your pelvic floor and’ protect yourself’ during activities where you feel vulnerable to leakage like laughing or lifting, until it becomes instinctive. X

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