The beat just dropped in the shop on the Fancy Fidget website: www.fancyfidget.com/shop with 10% off on all hearts and this new anatomical heart charm named from the Go Gos' song We Got the Beat! Use the coupon FORTHELOVE at checkout and 10% will be taken off of any of the available pieces with hearts through the weekend. 💓💗💓💗💓
And if you haven't heart the Go Gos before go check them out! They were a successful all girl band in the seventies and blazed a path for women and non-binary people in the music industry that is still dominated by men. 💗💓💗💓💗
We Got the Beat is a perfect gift to give a friend to let them know you care and that we are all badasses in our own ways! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! #lullabylinks #fancyfidget #girlsrock #gogos #wegotthebeat #girlpower #nonbinary #smashthepatriarchy #unvalentine #valentines_day #valentinesdaygift #anatomicalheart #heart #heartbeat #autisticartist #fidgetjewelry #keepcalmandfidgeton #sale #coupons #getit
Yesterday as I was boxing up orders a friend of mine called to invite me to meet with a documentary filmmaker who is traveling around the world to interview autistic people for a film she will be showing at the Cannes Film Festival. I don't often talk about being Autistic and many people may not realize that I am an autistic artist/entrepreneur but this is representation that the autistic community very much needs and I was thrilled to be a part of it! 💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
The way the media portrays autistic people is often very different than what the actual autistic community is. We are not all white cisgender heterosexual men with a fascination for engineering and computers. We are diverse in every single way and autism presents differently with each of us. 🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💗
For me, autism informs every aspect of who I am and what I do. My work was motivated and inspired by my own sensory needs and my children sensory seeking as little ones. The way I connect each link to the other, their texture shape, size and the way they move all together is very precise and each of these pieces communicates a feeling for me. I almost always pick my necklaces and bracelets first and then pick my outfits and my jewelry choices are always based on the particular sensory experience/feeling of the piece. They are comfort items for me. 💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Yesterday I chose the mixed Pattern Blocks necklace with a heavy chain to weigh me down because I felt like I might float away, because one of my nervous stims is scratching rough textures and because this piece is inspired by the evaluation process I went through as a little kid that used wooden pattern blocks. Pattern Blocks is available for purchase in the shop on the Fancy Fidget website: fancyfidget.com/shop
I would love to see more autistic representation as Autism Acceptance <Awareness> month approaches. Please share this post with your media friends and let them know we are ready to be seen!
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I wasn’t sure how Media Naranja would fit in with the other charms but I’m putting this together for an order with a couple more coils to connect other things and I’m actually loving it. I can’t wait to see how everyone uses their coils!! 🔗🔗🔗
The coils and charms are still available for purchase in the shop on the fancy Fidget website fancyfidget.com/shop. This picture is of three separate handmade charms (A Diamond in the Rough, Media Naranja and Take a Hike - The Anti Valentine) connected by two handmade coils that work similarly to key chains and are fun to play with too. 🔗🔗🔗
It’s never too late to treat yourself! Order soon and you may still be able to receive your charms before Valentine’s Day. 🧚🏻‍♂️ #lullabylinks #fancyfidget #fidgetjewelry #tactilejewelry #preciousmetal #roughtexture #fused #keepcalmandfidgeton #sensoryplay #sensorysoothing #antivalentine #takeahike #adiamondintherough #medianaranja #soulmate #romantic #selflove #valentines #galentinesday
In the first days of 2016 I was playing around with metal to lift my spirits and came up with the idea to bend the shape of my daughter's smile. She was in kindergarten and I was still getting used to being away from her all day long. Having her smile with me was really sweet and I quickly decided to start bending smiles from pictures people submitted in the Lullaby Links Chatter group on Facebook. 😍❤️😍❤️😍
The smiles pieces are semi-custom and their production is limited. I may ask you to draw something out, draw something myself or use my metal scraps to show you how an idea may translate to metal. When the design is finalized I will send an invoice and your piece will be made along with the other pieces drawn in that batch. The batches are usually 5-12 and take 2-6 weeks to complete. ❤️😍❤️😍❤️
I will continue to do the draws on Facebook but I am considering drawing a few from Instagram each time as well. This would require that pictures be sent to the Instagram Inbox so I can make sure the smile you send is one I can do if you’re drawn. I’ve bent a few screaming baby mouths that were definitely not smiling and those were a fun departure but I cannot bend closed mouths because the links are open shapes.
There is currently a smiles offer on the Facebook page, if you’d like to enter and don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to enter via Facebook please inbox your pictures here and comment below using either #smilingforkeeps or #smilinginmemorial (for memorial smiles only) with your name or a code name. I’ll comment your entry myself (Francie Fiammata) with whatever name you choose. I will be drawing at least one memorial and three smiling for keeps. If/when you are drawn I will announce using that name on Facebook and message you back with directions to begin the design process on Instagram. The designing needs to be finalized within 48 hours and invoices paid within 24 hours. ❤️😍❤️😍❤️
I’m excited to see your smiles and to open this opportunity on Instagram. 🌈❤️ #lullabylinks #offer #keepsake #sentimentaljewelry #healing #sensorysoothing #keepcalmandfidgeton
Today is the last day to get 15% off in the Fancy Fidget shop! I am working on the orders as they come in and the first batch of 2019 charms have already shipped. These charms are the perfect gift for a loved one who likes to fidget, a parent with little kids or a little reminder to treat yourself with love and kindness. 💖💓💖
Everything ordered before tomorrow will ship in time for Valentine's Day. The pieces shown here are charms from the 2019 collection but there are some other designs also available for purchase. Chains, Charms and Centerpieces are all sold a la carte so you can mix and match any way you like. 💓💖💓
The code is 15BEFORE15 at checkout on fancyfidget.com/shop.

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Kolejna #bluzaispodnie #dresik #bluza #spodniedresowe #dresy #dresikdladziecka #dres #bluzazkapturem #dlachlopca #odziezdziecieca #spinner #keepcalmandfidgeton #lovethis
I know,i know this is old,lol
But how did my post get the first and second highest on top posts on #keepcalmandfidgeton
Got a couple of cool products for you students and fidgeters alike. The pen is a stylus/pen from SyPen which is perfect for a multitasking student (check them out on Amazon or www.sypens.com) The rubber add-on is called a fidget flipper from Fidgetry which as you can see in the video is pretty self-explanatory (check them out on www.fidgetry.co.uk) #sypen #pen #pens #penspinning #stylus #styluspen #2in1 #cool #awesome #fidgetflipper #fidgetry #fidget #fidgeters #fidgeting #keepcalmandfidgeton
Lost the fidget spinner I bought during my trip to China so I ordered a new one from @wish. This one is pink with glitter, a perfect combo in my opinion.✨💖#fidgetspinner #keepcalmandfidgeton #wishapp #wish #wishreview #shopping
Keep calm and fidget on.
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When you got it, you got it😎 #fidgetspinner #cooldog #mutsofinstagram #rescuedog #harleydavidsonglasses #keepcalmandfidgeton #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogsbeingbasic
Keep Calm And Fidget On #keepcalmandfidgeton #infinitelists @infinite_lists
MY ANOTHER FIDGET SPINNER WHICH COST $135.00 WOW #keepcalmandfidgeton #fidgetspinner #ilovefidgetspinners (p.s this is malaysian dollars so dont worry)
MY NEW $70.00 FIDGET SPINNER!!! #keepcalmandfidgeton #fidgetspinner
Congrats to the winners of our giveaway through @wearyourlabel ❤🎉✨
What a surreal day yesterday was! How many of you would be interested in being brand reps for #FLYcharms down the road? We aren't sure what this would include yet but suggestions are welcome below! Thanks @britneymarie_xo for the idea!
Waking up this morning feels /so/ surreal!!! Thank you all so much for your support we are so excited to start meeting with investors to start outsourcing and making #FLYcharms available everywhere!!!
Text 03 to 5013022122 to vote for me at my science competition please
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Only 2 (!!!) more days until #expofest! We have a few more copies of our round marble charm and we are so excited to set up our booth! Updates to come about where we are located and how to get involved! #FLYcharms
#expofest is THIS SATURDAY!!! Are you ready for #FLYcharms?!
Check out @cartin.of.joe playing with the round marble charm he just designed and printed! He's also rocking a super rad @rickandmorty shirt! #FLYcharms
Just because #expofest is a week away doesn't mean we're done! Introducing the new and improved MARBLE CHARM! This one is round in design and the marble shows through both sides! What do you think about this new #FLYcharms?
T-8 days until #expofest !!! Are you ready for #FLYcharms?
Wondering what we're up to? Check out the website, link in bio!
After record number of Fidget sales today I have just picked up 500 more Fidget spinners for my lovely customers. I am taking these pics for you from home and these will be on sale from tomorrow 9:30 AM #fidgetspinner #keepfidgeting #fidgets #spinners #stressreliever #satisfyingthings #keepcalmandfidgeton #neon #camoflauge #diamond #ballbearing #highquality #newcraze #fulham #fulhamroad #sw6 #parsonsgreen #independentbusiness #independentretailer #shoplocal #fulhamboy #fulhamgirl #fulhamstudents #fulhamschool
Did you know May is mental health month? Comment below why mental health is important to you!
Check out Natalie with her favorite marble charm! What's your favorite charm? #FLYcharms
Check out Joe (@cartin.of.joe) giving his Big Pitch for FLY Charms! You can see the bloopers of this video under the "about" page of our website! #FLYcharms
We LOVE these positive reminder tags on our @wearyourlabel Fresh Perspective shirts! Did you know these were written by a psychologist? Read more about that on our website under "WYL Partnership"! #FLYcharms
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Grace, Natalie, Jamie, and Ashley taking a girls pic at the palace theater for #expofest prep! #FLYcharms
Like our new business cards? 😏 #FLYcharms
Check out part of the team getting ready for the #expofest prep day today! #flycharms
Looks like Joe has a big smile on his face and ready to present! #FLYcharms #expofest
Have you seen our latest revolving charm? Go check it out! Link in bio! #FLYcharms
Natalie is dressed in business casual and ready for the #FLYcharms presentation at the palace theater today!!! Who else is going? #expofest (can you see what charm she's wearing?)
Check out Natalie wearing the marble charm as a necklace and two roller charms on her bangles!!! #FLYcharms
Check out this marble charm being worn as a trendy necklace! #FLYcharms
Best part about FLY Charms?! You can take them ANYWHERE! That includes vacation 😉
check out our #flycharms bulletin at Aqua!
The best part about our charms? You can wear them however you want! #FLYcharms
Check out behind the scene mechanics of the Marble Charm on our website! #FLYcharms
Roller vs. Spinner...which would you choose? #FLYcharms
Customizable colors to match your preferences? We got that too! #FLYCHARMS
Self-care is not selfish! #FLYcharms
Self-care can mean many different things depending on the person! Check out our blog for some upcoming posts on how our team members de-stress and relax! #FLYcharms
Love yourself more #FLYcharms
Check out this neat charm! The marbles we just got will soon be a cool new improvement to this design! #FLYcharms
Check out an article on Aquaculture and FLY Charms our team member Natalie wrote about in Fairfield Warde High School's newspaper, The FOCUS! #FLYcharms
Working on a new design for our rolling charm!!! So excited for this new look! What does everyone think?
You aren't selfish for putting yourself first. #FLYcharms