REVIEW: ELFIN Book - Erasable, Smart Notebook Journal video

Just discovered and have ordered this digital notebook from @elfinsmartnotebook
It looks an incredible and affordable tool to help with organisation. Just draw, create mind maps, write to do lists, reminders, notes and with a click of your phone the work is sent straight to a designated file on your phone or pc... And can be saved as an editable file or pdf.
Once you've done you wipe the page and start again.. It removes the piles and piles of paperwork I know us ADHDers love to accumulate and the files can be sent to other people straight away so no thinking... I'll send that email when I just get 5 minutes.. Never to be remembered again!
I'm hoping this little gem transform my personal organisation and helps my students too.. Homework reminders, missed lesson notes... All sent straight to their phone. .
Anything for me that can be done in the moment and reduces that increasing to do list has to be worth a try!!! #adhd #organisation #adhdgadget #digitalnotebook #elfinnotebook
"Selfishness can be defined as a variable function, with huge and numerous high points, no low points, and tends to infinity." I used to write down lines from films and tv shows. Does anyone know where this one came from? Because I forgot 😅 // 🇪🇸 Antes solía copiar frases de series y de pelis. ¿A alguien le suena esta? Se me ha olvidado de dónde la saqué 😅
#filmquotes🎥🎬 #elfinnotebook #quotes
This is so good. This is a digital notebook 📓 which I can upload my notes into the @rocketbook app and when I’m finished I can microwave the whole book which will erase the ink, making it reusable!